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Powerful LED spotlights provide very high brightness and come with different patterns of the beam for any task of lighting. Outdoor LED spotlights for architectural lighting are IP66 rate, have minimal energy consumption, durability and long life.

Compact spotlight with AC 220V input suitable for local accent lighting.
All LED spotlights are available with two shades of white:

- Daylight white (5000 Kelvin color temperature),
- Warm white (3500 Kelvin color temperature)

All white LED projectors installed Japan Nichia 3W LED with 140 lumen-150Lm. This is by far the most advanced high-power LEDs with the same Japanese quality. Therefore, all LED illuminators LEDART offers extended 5 year warranty.

LED spotlights

Stratos LED spotlights are used for architectural lighting has on more than 50 sites in Russia, thanks to the universality and the choice of an optical system able to perform almost any task. LED Spotlight Stratos is rugged and waterproof housing, and work reliably even in harsh climatic conditions.

Stratos LED spotlights are extremely effective and designed for a lifetime over 50,000 hours - compare this with conventional halogen lights, and you will see how cost effective these devices. in architectural lighting, which is problematic frequent replacement of bulbs.